EJC 2008: Germany vs. Denmark

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Germany has shown why it is considered as the favourite team to win the championship beating Denmark. Germany based its game in a powerful running game with a dominated offensive line that helped the ball carriers gain yards in every play. Yard by yard, they took the ball to the end zone.

The scores came with two runs and the score table showed a 13-0 when the game reached its half. The second half started in the same way the first one ended, with Germany moving the ball most of the time relying on their running backs, Denmark tried to stop them, but their efforts were not good enough to avoid a third touchdown that came in the third quarter.

Denmark tried to react and score before the game finished and started calling basic pass plays, on one of those, in the fourth quarter, the danish quarterback found receiver number 81 in the end zone to reduce the distance to 20-6. After the conversion of the extra point the score didn’t change any more, finishing the game 20-7.

Germany won and is one step closer from the final.


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