EJC 2008: Finland vs. Austria

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In Seville, in a great morning for playing football, Austria and Finland teams match each other looking for a place in the next round of the European Championship that is taking place in this city. Both teams started a close game dominated by defenses. They were tying to find a whole to reach the end zone. Austria was the first team that found it with a long run that made the score 6-0. The extra point was.good so they were up 7-0. With the defenses dominating the offenses, the scoretable did not move and no team was able to add more points. In the second half Finland was able to move the ball and finally score in the third quarter to reduce the distances; the extra point was not good and Austria was still winning. Austria did not get nervous and was able to score again before the quarter ended with a safety, talking the Finland punter in the end zone. Last quarter was dominated by a Finland team who was able to score twice, a touchdown with and extra point that made the score 13-9; and finally with a short field goal that took us to the end of the game. The final score was 16-9. With this score, we will have to wait till the last day to know who goes to the next round.


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