EJC 2008: Russia vs. France

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Equality is the word for this championship and it couldn't be different in this match. Both teams came out to win but the defenses had been proposed to moor their rivals and they got it during most of the game.

It was France who led a good offensive drive to the first score of the game with a 32-yard pass from Maxime Sprauel on Thomas Ruiz. Jeff Alexander made good the pat which would be decisive later.

This first touchdown stung Russians' proud and race by race Russia approached to the end zone, and they got their reward with a two yards run by Igor Chernoluckiy. The euphoric Russians decided then make an attempt to convert two points through Igor Chernoluckiy, but this time France could stop him.

The Russians were ready to continue its offensive on the French team that went on the restof the game, but France's proud on their national day made them endure with their tiny advantage untill the end of the game, making good the 7 -6 from the first half.France has today one more reason for celebration. Congratulations.


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