EJC 2008: Spain vs. Sweden

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It couldn't be. Spain reached the second game against Sweden full of illusions, because of his great performance in the last game, and was looking for its first victory in this first participation of the top European competition.

The Swedish team proved intractable, especially during the third quarter. During the first and second quarter the game was balanced and just two touchdowns by the Swedish side, one in each quarter, thanks to the passing game deployed by Sweden. The first was to Simon Almgrem in the first quarter and the second to Hampus Hellermark, who run more than 40 yards after the catch to score in the last play of the second quarter.

The third quarter started with 13 - 0 for Sweden, but then the scandinavian team offered a masterclass of rushing game by the hand of his star Hampus Hellermark devastating Spain's hopes with 3 touchdowns by Hellermark and another one by Alexander Koyfis.

Spain attempted everything in the last quarter but always clashing against the swedish defense, who didn't let the 40 - 0 move from the box score.

We will have to wait untill the third match versus Russia to see if Spain gets its first victory in the tournament.


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