Spain the proud host of EJC 2008

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The Spanish federation of American football AEFA is proudly looking forward to hosting the European Junior Championships. The games kick off in Sevilla Saturday 12th July, with Sweden facing Russia in the opener and the European Champion from 2006, France squaring off against the home team.

“For us it is the biggest event ever held in Spain in our sport and we know that a lot of people will have their eyes on us. For this reason the importance of the challenge is big and we will try to face it in the best possible way”, federation president Enrique de Castro says.

“This means also the start of a new way of full recognition of AEFA in front of
Spanish authorities, EFAF and IFAF. To be able to organize a Junior Championship
means that AEFA has enough people, enough knowledge and enough responsibility to
organize everything in the required level.”

De Castro also feels that working hard for the EJC will benefit AEFA in the long run.

“It requires a lot of work because it is the first time that we host more than 400 players during 10 days, and at the same time we host the IFAF Congress. But on the other hand this kind of challenge makes our Federation stronger and gives us the possibility to have a lot of people working during a long time on voluntary bases.”

Hosting the EJC also provides the Spanish team a place in the tournament for a first time in years.

“Our national team has taken part only once, in Berlin a long time ago. With its Now we have the possibility to check where we are on sport level and in spite of we are the weakest team we will try to face the challenge with dignity.”

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