Germany bringing an experienced squad to Sevilla

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The silver medalists in the past three European Junior Championships, the German team has once again set its sights to the top. With the top three teams of the EJC 2008 in Sevilla qualifying for next year´s World Cup in Canton, there is an extra initiative to succeed in Spain. The EJC kicks off on Saturday.

“Our goal is to play at our best possible level - we want to be in the top
three so that we will be qualified to go to the World Cup”, the Director of the National Team Program, Peter Springwald states. In his role, Springwald is the head of the team, but in the German system the coordinators call the plays.

“My role is pretty simple: do everything you can to have a successful campaign. We have a very good coaching team and I will have an eye on everything we do and
will help and coordinate with my experience where ever I can. I´m the proud captain of a great crew”, Springwald says.

Once again, the German junior national team has had a huge number of youth players competing for the honor to represent their country. In Germany there are 5 000 youth players.

“We had our big event the Junior State Tournament with over 600 Players in
Berlin. Two try outs, a day camp. Before our trip we have a camp for a full week in Frankfurt.”

In the training camp the Germans go the full distance in trying to get accustomed to the extremely hot weather in Sevilla.

“We don´t know if we are really capable to adjust to the heat in Sevilla, but we try to prepare as best we can. We will practice indoor in overheated
sport arenas, and we´ll synchronize practice and game times.”

According to Peter Springwald, Germany has an experienced and a wellbalanced team. He gives us a few names who will be worth watching in Sevilla:

“I´m pretty sure that our top receivers like Christian Bollmann and Phillip Stentzel, who are already having a lot of playing time in their GFL-teams, will be good targets for our quarterbacks.”

The schedule for the 2008 EJC in Sevilla, Spain:

July 12th, SAT: Opening Ceremony (17.00 h)
Game Day 1:
Pool 1: Sweden (A2) vs. Russia (A3) (10.30 h)
Pool 1: France (A1) vs. Spain (A4) (18.00 h)

July 13th, SUN:
Game Day 1:
Pool 2: Austria (B2) vs. Denmark (B3) (10.30 h)
Pool 2: Germany (B1) vs. Finland (B4) (18.00 h)

July 14th, MON:
Game Day 2:
Pool 1: Spain (A4) vs. Sweden (A2) (10.30 h)
Pool 1: Russia (A3) vs. France (A1) (18.00 h)

July 15th, TUE:
Game Day 2:
Pool 2: Finland (B4) vs. Austria (B2) (10.30 h)
Pool 2: Denmark (B3) vs. Germany (B1) (18.00 h)

July 16th, WED:
Game Day 3:
Pool 1: Russia (A3) vs. Spain (A4) (10.30 h)
Pool 1: France (A1) vs. Sweden (A2) (18.00 h)

July 17th, THU:
Game Day 3:
Pool 2: Denmark (B3) vs. Finland (B4) (10.30 h)
Pool 2: Germany (B1) vs. Austria (B2) (18.00 h)

July 18th, FRI: Rest and Practice Day (whole day)

July 19th, SAT:
Final Games 1 Game Place 7 (10.30 h)
Game Place 5 (18.00 h)

July 20th, SUN:
Final Games 2: Bronze Medal Game (10.30 h)
Championships Game (17.00 h)

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