EC 2007 C-Group: Austria walks over Switzerland

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Austria-Switzerland 35:7 (14:0/14:7/7:0/0-0)
Austria to face Norway in the final

After a walkover against the Swiss team, Austria went unbeaten in the final of the EFAF-Raiffeisen C-EC 2007 and will meet Norway in the final on Sunday. Switzerland and Serbia will play the game for the third place.

Austria started a strong first offensive drive, completing it with a 10-Yard-Endzone-rush by Florian Grein for an early 0-7 lead (PAT Peter Kramberger). Swiss QB Marko Glavic was sacked for the firs time this season. In eleven games with the Swarco Raiders Tirol in the AFL & EFL no opponent touched the Canadian with a Swiss Passport. The Austrian Defense ended this record, before Jakob Dieplinger caught a Halfback-Pass by Florian Grein for 32 Yards and the 0-14 lead, when the first quarter ended.

A great pass from Glavic to his receiver Urs von Känel brought Switzerland to Austria’s 5. But the Eidgenossen fumbled the ball there and the Austrians got the ball back. Austria’s Offense disengaged soonly from its redzone, with a long pass to Pasha Asiladab. Martin Grassegger rushed to Switzerland’s 1 and QB Philipp Jobstmann sneaked to the third Touchdown in red white red.

Switzerland finally found an answer with a 59-Yards Pass to Urs von Känel to Austria’s 2. Marko Glavic sneaked to the first Swiss-TD and the 7-21 (PAT Marcel Niklaus). It was the first Touchdown Austria’ defense allowed in this tournament.

The Austrian answer was a short rushing touchdown by running back Lukas Miribung, after another strong offensive performance. Switzerland tried to score a Field goal only seconds before the Halftime, but failed.

The second half started with an interception by Austria’s DB Manuel Eisenführer. Florian Grein rushed irresistibly for 27 yards into the Swiss Endzone for the next Austrian Touchdown.

The last quarter was dominated by both defenses and brought no more score.

Austria will meet in the final game, on Saturday, August 18th (Kickoff 5pm) at the Football Center Vienna, the team of Norway. The game for the third place will be played between Switzerland and Serbia at the same place at 1pm.

EFAF Raiffeisen Football EC-C
Switzerland vs. Austria 7:35


August 16th, Kickoff 19:00
Stadium Wolfsberg, Attendance: 1500
Weather: sunny


First Quarter:

TD AUT (10-Yards-Rush Florian Grein) 0-7 (PAT good, Peter Kramberger)
TD AUT (32-Yards-Pass Florian Grein to Jakob Dieplinger) 14-0 (PAT good, Peter Kramberger)

Second Quarter:

TD AUT (1-Yard-Rush Philipp Jobstmann) 0-21 (PAT good, Peter Kramberger)

TD SUI (2-Yards-Rush Marko Glavic) 7-21 (PAT good, Marcel Niklaus)

TD AUT (1-Yard-Rush Lukas Miribung) 7-28 (PAT good, Peter Kramberger)

Third Quarter:

TD AUT (27-Yards-Rush Florian Grein) 7-35 (PAT good, Peter Kramberger)

Fourth Quarter:

No Score


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