EFL: Frankfurt enters the final and hosts the EFL Bowl III

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After a 49-7 victory over the Badalona Dracs the Samsung Frankfurt Universe had several reasons to celebrate. On the one hand, the success against the Spaniards meant to win the group and the entrance of the final. Furthermore the Hessians were chosen of the league leaders to organize and host the EFL Bowl III. According to that the final against the Amsterdam Crusaders will take place on the 11th of June at the Volksbank Stadion in Frankfurt.
For the newcomer of the GFL the first season on the international stage already means a great success.

The Samsung Frankfurt Universe will face a strong opponent in the final of the EFL. On the way to the final the Crusaders had won against the Hamburg Huskies and the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes and are also still undefeated in the Dutch league.
Therefore, the EFL Bowl III will certainly be an exciting game of two teams at eye level.

Group B
Frankfurt Universe4972877
Badalona Dracs70007

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