No World Cup 2015 at Stockholm

Category: World Championship - published 2014-12-22 by AFVD

No World Cup 2015 at Stockholm

The International Federation of American Football (IFAF) has informed the German federation AFVD and other member nations that the 5th IFAF World Cup can not take place at Stockholm in 2015.

At the same time IFAF President Tommy Wiking (Sweden) has declared that he will be „on leave“ for the time being.

The IFAF Executive Board is considering the possibilities to find another member federation willing to host the event in the upcoming year.

In that respect AFVD on 12/15/2014 has been asked to evaluate whether a World Cup tournament in Germany could be held instead of in Sweden. Such alternative event would have consisted of a final round with a reduced field of competitors and would have incorporated an additional payment of a registration fee of 30,000 Euro per participating team.

The AFVD's board thoroughly has examined all possibilities.

However, since AFVD in 2015 will be hosting two major sporting events in Germany, the European Junior Championships in Dresden and the Cheerleading World Championships in Berlin, AFVD's board pointed out that the AFVD in cooperation with its affiliates already contributes above average to the international development of our sports. In addition, AFVD in 2000 (EC 1999), 2001 (EC finals), 2003 (World Cup), 2010 (EC 2009), 2013 (EJC) already hosted events formerly scheduled in other countries as a substitute host and thus took that burden in all similar cases in the recent past.

The IFAF Board is comprised of representatives from a number of nations that may qualify to be possible substitute hosts. For years, these organizations from these nations have postulated ambitious goals for the political course of IFAF, but not always took into account reasonable financing strategies. As a result, entry fees for IFAF tournaments have increased over the past years, AFVD and other member federations had to pay five-figure-sums for attending tournaments in addition to its own costs of staffing the teams itself .

After the AFVD financial plan for the fiscal year of 2015 already has been budgeted and with reference to these additional costs of the past and the the two planned major events next year, AFVD has informed IFAF not to see itself as a substitute host for the 2015 World Cup. Whether another federation will agree to act as a substitute host, remains to be seen at the moment open. However, AFVD asked IFAF for a quick clarification before Christmas, whether the World Cup will be played in 2015 or moved to a later date.

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