EUROBOWL XXVII to be played at Innsbruck on July 6, 2013 at 20.45 h

Category: EFL - published 2013-06-19 by EFAF

EFAF Board of Directors had decided on June 19, 2013 to award the right to host and organize the EUROBOWL XXVII, the 27th final game of European Football League (EFL) to Innsbruck.

The EFAF Board of Directors had to choose between offers from both finalists.


The participating teams of EFL semi-final may apply to be awarded with the right to host and organize the EFL semi-final. Any host has to provide some minimum hosting requirements which include a fair share of the economic value of the Bowl between the host, the two participating teams and EFAF as tournament organizer. This can be found at ยง4, 21 Regulation for Club Team and Club Team Competitions in the download section of Usually the applicants provide the travelling team with support to the travel costs. The share allocated to EFAF is used to cover the organizational costs of the whole European Football League. Furthermore the income out of club team competitions is used by EFAF to fund development programs for coaches, officiating, youth and to support the growth in quantity and quality of American Football and clubs in Europe.

Any applicant may by own decision offer an higher share of the profit to all parties involved if the applicant feels that he is able to afford it.

The final decision of the EFAF Board of Directors is based on a catalogue of criteria which includes e. g. (but not limited) stadium quality, overall quality of the event, expected crowed, media coverage, economic impact and general strategically impacts.

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