Open Letter to the Leaders of the National Federations in Europe

Category: EFL - published 2012-11-02 by Marburg Mercenaries

Open Letter to the Leaders of the National Federations in Europe

Dear friends in sports,

During past years and decades we very much enjoyed the privilege to participate in European competitions like Eurobowl or EFAF Cup. The opportunity to compete internationally is of significant importance to us. It did not only benefit our clubs in building a successful tradition, it also helped our national leagues to develop and American Football in Europe as a whole tremendously.

The European Federation of American Football by organizing these pan-European competitions in American Football is and has always been a reliable and confidable partner in our aim to develop a true American Football heritage on the continent.

It is with some degree of concern we have to witness the current discussion on the state of EFAF. To establish long-term success there always is the need to review and possibly renew current structures and procedures, even if they worked well in the past. However in sports all activities should be focused on the athletes and their requirements exclusively, while most of the ongoing discussion seems to be centered on abstract political and personal matters with virtually no connection to the sports or the athletes\' needs.

We already are in the process of planning our 2013 season. Our member athletes expect us to provide them with playing opportunities at top level, both nationally and internationally. Up to now only EFAF seems to be able to provide international playing opportunities for clubs in Europe, so we sincerely hope no action will be taken that prevents EFAF from providing the club team competitions for the 2013 season as originally scheduled.

Yours in sport!

Amsterdam Crusaders (Champions EUROBOWL V & VI, Runner up EUROBOWL II, III & VII)
Badalona Dracs
Berlin Adler (Champions EUROBOWL XXIV, Runner up EUROBOWL XXV)
Calanda Broncos (Champions EUROBOWL XXVI)
Duesseldorf Panther (Champions EUROBOWL IX)
Hamburg Blue Devils (Champions EUROBOWL X, XI & XII, Runner Up EUROBOWL XIII & XIV) Marburg Mercenaries (Champions EFAF Cup III, Runner up EUROBOWL XXI)
Moscow Patriots
New Yorker Lions (Champions EUROBOWL XIII & XVII, Runner up EUROBOWL XVI) Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns
Valencia Firebats


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