EJC 2011: Austria becomes the first finalist

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Austria - Denmark 21 to 16

Austria becomes the first finalist of the Europen Junior Championship of Seville, after beating Denmark 21 to 16 in a very exciting game.

This morning, in the sport complex of San Pablo, was played first match of the second day of the EJC┬┤11.The Danes began very strong in defense and after stopping the powerful Austrian attack in his first drives, they were able to go ahead in the board thanks to Simon Korning Mathiesen #7, who made a 41 yard field goal. With the 0-3 we entered the second quarter, where Austria woke up and began to act like a roller in its offensive side, scoring 3 touchdowns before halftime. First was quarterback Christoph Gubisch#5, after a QB sneak for 3 yards, extra point by Clemens Erlsbacher#1 was good. After that an interception in the following possession, made by David Nader #31, was followed by a 21 yards pass from Gubisch#5 to Erlsbacher #1, who score his 2nd TD of the tournament and put his team 13-3. After a momentary injury when receiving the ball, Erlsbacher was unable to kick the XP so it was Dominik Bubik the one who did that duty, 14-3. Denmark was having a hard time as Austrian defense showed why they are one of the best in the tournament, and were not able to, giving the ball back Horst Obermayer┬┤s team. Austria did not fail to take advantage of this opportunity and extended the distances. In one of the best plays of the game, Gubisch #5 connected a lateral pass with Erlsbacher #1 who took Danish defenders by surprise when passing to Laurinho Walch (#6) for the score. Erlsbacher#1 did not fail the extra point and both teams went to the locker room with 21-3.Denmark reacted in second half when Patrick Pedersen #35 intercepted a pass and ran for 22 yds for the score (XP was made by Casper Reinhard #12) 21-10. At the beginning of the 4th quarter, a punt fake very well executed by the Danes, allowed them to have a first down inside the red zone.After that a 10 yds pass from Reinhard #12 to Mathiesen #7 was followed by an inside run of Johannes Hylby #33 who scored a TD 21-16. Denmark went for the 2 point-conversion but failed to score. Austrie tried to kill the clock at the end with runs from Johannes Streihammer #19 and Andreas Hofbauer #8 (MVP of the game with 141 run yds). Denmark still have the ball one more time but Lars Carlsten team was unable to advance and Austria won the game and a place in the Final, next Saturday in the same stadium.

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