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The game of the day, if not the year stood in the program. Such a football gameday made even fade the subequatorial Round-finals for a short time. It was capital versus capital. Austrian champions against the German champion.

The Adler have landed in Vienna, arrived to cut the Vikings horns the first time since 2003 and to take the Eurobowl again to Germany. The Raiffeisen Vikings did everything on their side to clip the wings of the Eagles and to get the Eurobowl Crown. A seventh time for Austria, a fifth time for the Vikings.

The Vikings won the coin toss and chose to start the game by kicking the ball of to the Adler's. The Berlin started the game at the 38yd line. First Vikings #1 Jauncey Calhoun intercepted a pass from Berlin quarterback Kyle Callahan. But the following drive of the Vikings, on the way to a first down, RB #25 Josiah Cravalho lost the ball after a tackle and Berlin was able to recover it.

From the 30yd line, the Adler came in three down into the end zone: after a delayed hand off, RB #3 Talib Wise rushed for the Berlin score.

On the next Vikings drive, RB Josiah Cravalho had to leave the field with a severe shoulder injury. RB # 23 Florian Hiess tanked up to the 5yd-line aind RB/LB #44 Chris James completed the drive with a powerful run breaking three tackles. P/K #2 Peter Kramberger completed the extra point for the Vienna tie.

Vikings DL #94 Florian Gr√ľnsteidl stopped the following drive of the Berlin Adler at the 37yd line. The field goal attempt of the Germans fell short. Also the next attack of Vienna's offense could not put more points on the board. At a score of 7:7 for the first time the sides were changed.

The Vikings defense played great in the beginning of the second quarter. After an incomplete pass into the Vikings end zone of Berlin QB Kyle Callahan, DL #3 Mike Brannon picked the next pass and returned it, supported by great blocks for about 70yds into the end zone of Berlin!

In the following drive Vienna's defense kept the Adler away from the end zone. Berlin Kicker Benjamin Scharweit scored on a 32yd field goal for the Germans.

Vikings QB #8 Chris Gross Vikings opened the following drive with a 40yd pass. WR #85 Valentin Schulz could catch the ball between two Berlin Defense Backs. #1 Jauncey Calhoun completed the drive by scoring in a "cat like" run.

The following Berlin attack stranded in the middle of the field, but also of the drive of Vienna ended with a punt of Peter Kramberger.

The Berlin Adler started at their own 8yd line. After a long run by Berlin's outstanding QB Kyle Callahan, WR Thomas Emslander made the Vikings cornerback miss when he jumped for the ball and ran the ball in the end zone of the Austrians. So at halftime the score board showed 21:17 for Raiffeisen Vikings Vienna.

At the beginning of the second half, Vienna could not convert the advantage of starting with their offense. After the Vikings punt, the Adler were making quickly yards with their offense and again RB # 3 Talib Wise scored for Berlin.

Vienna was trying to fight back. After two hairy 3rd down situations, both times successfully converted with precice throws of QB Chris Cross, WR Chauncey Calhoun ran into the end zone of Berlin.

It was now an open exchange of blows: after a long Punt return of Talib Wise, quarterback Kyle Callahan crossed Viennas goal line. At the score of 28:31 for the Berlin the sides were changed for the last time.

Both teams now visibly suffering from the heat, could not push through their next offensive series. But now the Vikings Defense started to boile: After Berlin QB Kyle Callahan was sacked twice, Chauncey Calhoun intercepted his next pass and returned it to 11 yd line of Berlin. When #8 Chris Gross overtrhew WR #17 Stefan Holzinger on the 3rd down, Peter Kramberger scored 5 minutes before end with a field goal for the tie of 31:31.

A first down for Berlin was conquered with great effort . After that a tough battle for gaining and defending yards was fought on both sides of the ball to get Berlin in field goal range.
At the fourth down, on the 37 yd line, 1 second before the end Berlin attemted to stop the thriller: Benjamin Scharweit kicked the championship winning score and became the hero for Germany.
A bitter defeat for the Raiffeisen Vikings at the very last moment, a defeat which was as close, as the win of the Eurobowl XXIV was for the outstanding Berlin Adler.

For sure the EB XXIV was American football of it's finest. Both teams showed a great game under very hot summer conditions and gave the big, football-crazy crowd in Vienna an exciting and thrilling show.
The Berlin Adler are the new, well deserved European Champion !!!

Final Score: 31:34
Scorer Raiffeisen Vikings: Chris James 6 Punkte

Chauncey Calhoun 12 Punkte

Mike Brannon 6 Punkte

Peter Krammberger 7 Punkte

Berlin Adler: Talib Wise 12 Punkte

Thomas Emslander 6 Punkte

Kyle Callahan 6 Punkte

Benjamin Scharweit 10 Punkte

Zuschauer: 5500

Raiffeisen Vikings vs. Berlin Adler
Sonntag, 4. Juli 2010
Kickoff: 14 Uhr
Stadion Hohe Warte, Wien

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