European Football League EFL
Group AW-T-LPointsTD
1.Milano Rhinos0-0-00000
2.Nice Dauphins0-0-00000
Group BW-T-LPointsTD
1.Thonon Black Panthers0-0-00000
2.Prague Black Panthers0-0-00000
3.Berlin Adler0-0-00000
Group AW-T-LPointsTD
1.Badalona Dracs0-0-00000
2.Amsterdam Crusaders0-0-00000
3.Braunschweig New Yorker Lions0-0-00000
Group BW-T-LPointsTD
1.Frankfurt Universe0-0-00000
2.Milano Seamen0-0-00000
3.Berlin Rebels0-0-00000

The Standings are calculated automaticly. These are not the official Standings, which every Team will get from the commissioneers.

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