The Norwegian Cheerleader Committee proudly welcomes the European cheerleading family to Oslo, Norway for the ECC 2006!
The event will take place at Jordal Sports Arena on 1-2 July 2006.


Junior Dance
Senior Dance
Junior Group Stunt All-female
Junior Group Stunt Mixed
Senior Group Stunt All-female
Senior Group Stunt Mixed

Junior Individual
Junior Cheer All-female
Junior Cheer Mixed
Senior Individual
Senior Partner Stunt
Senior Cheer All-female
Senior Cheer Mixed

The Arena

The Jordal Sports Arena was built for the Oslo Winter Olympics in 1952, when it served as an open air stadium for ice hockey and figure skating. Later on the stadium has been the main arena for several ice hockey World Championships.

The ECC will use the full Jordal arena - which is located a short metro ride from the city center - including three sport halls and a large outdoor area:
Hall A - The large stadium will be the competition arena
Hall B - The indoor ice-skating hall will be the athletes changing area, meeting place and hospitality desk.
Hall C - The indoor handball hall will be used for practice, warm up and more wardrobes

The competition area (A) holds 3.000 spectators and includes VIP-rooms, rooms for the judges, cafeteria facilities, meeting rooms etc.


ECC 2006

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