Austria holds on to win the game for fifth place

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The Austrian team had overcome its disappointment about the close loss to the Germans to miss out on the place in the EJC 2008 final, and defeated Russia 20-13 to become the fifth best team in Europe.
Both teams played extremely hard, and the game was exciting to the very end.After falling to 20-6 deficit, the Russians came back with a furious rally and had two chances to tie the game in the final minutes.

With the score at 20-13, and two minutes left, the Russians marched to within 20 yards of the Austrian goalline, but could not convert a 4th and 11. The Russian defense stopped the Austrians one more time to give their offence a chance with 26 seconds on the clock, but the first play, a wide receiver pass, was intercepted and the game was over.

The Austrians climbed to 12-0 lead with touchdowns by quarterback Stefan Holzinger and running back Florian Hoerhan. Russia answered with a rushing touchdown by Alwksey Medvedev, but that was followed by another Holzinger touchdown with 15 seconds left in the second quarter. The star and his teamĀ“s MVP of the game was Holzinger, who rushed for two touchdowns and made plays when his team needed them.

Russia got the score to 20-13 right at the beginning of the third quarter. On their first play from scrimmage, Austria fumbled and Russia recovered. The Russians scored straight away with wide receiver Vladislav Grigoriev throwing a touchdown pass after a lateral. But that was as close as they would get.


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