Thonon wins in Berlin and moves into the EFL Bowl

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In the European Football League (EFL) the Thonon Black Panthers have qualified as the first team for the EFL-Bowl with a 14:13 victory at the Berlin Adler.

The French, who had already won their first game against the Prague Black Panthers, won in front of 1485 spectators in the Poststadion in Berlin, mainly thanks to their dominant running game. Man of the day was running back Stephan Yepmo with 138 running yards and two touchdowns.

In an exciting game the Adler got the better start and led afte a touchdown pass from quarterback Paul Zimmermann to Bryan Zerbe 6:0. The subsequent extra point attempt by Kicker Manuel Lewerenz, however, was blocked – a fatal mistake.

After an interception from Perron, who caught a pass from Zimmermann, Yepno scored his first Touchdown. Because the French were able to convert the extra point, the Black Panthers went into the break with a 7:6 lead.

In the third quarter, the hosts again had the better start. The Adler conquered a free ball after a fumble at a kickoff-return and earned a good field position. Devon Francois then completed the drive with a 2-yard touchdown. The coaches decided not to try a 2-point conversion, so the German team led 13:7 after a successful PAT.

In the middle of the fourth quarter the Berliners had the chance to expand the lead, but Zimmermann threw his second missing pass. This interception was also punished by Thonon - Yepmo ran his second touchdown. The converted extra point brought the guests the 14:13 and the decision of the game.

"My players trust themselves blindly," said Thonons head coach Fabien Ducousso. "We were able to be successful when we had important third and fourth attempts. That gave us the confidence to win the game. "

Adler Offensive Coordinator Alessio Colonna: "The guys have fought but at the end of the day it was not enough again. We had missed the mental toughness."

Thonon are unbeaten in the final, the final group game between the Prague Black Panthers and the Berlin eagles has only a statistical value.

EFL, Group B: Berlin Adler - Thonon Black Panthers 13:14 (6: 0/0:7/7:0/0:7)

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