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The quarterfinals in the European Football League (EFL) are played on May 25 and May 26. In addition to defending Eurobowl champion Calanda Broncos from Switzerland three teams from Austria and two from Germany are represented among the final eight. For the first time after three years, a Finnish Team has made it to the quarterfinals in the Helsinki Roosters. And for the first time ever a club from Denmark will get a chance for a spot in the semifinals. Last year’s EFAF Cup winner Sölleröd Gold Diggers continues the tradition of the winners of the second Pan-European trophy, which earn an EFL spot in the year following their cup win. For the third year in a row the EFAF Cup winner made it to the EFL quarterfinals in the next season.

However, none of the teams have managed to advance to the semifinals, and the task of the Danes could hardly be more challenging. The Austrian champion and Euro Bowl winners from 2004 to 2007 is waiting for the Gold Diggers at Vienna. The Raiffeisen Vikings this year still are unbeatenin in their domestic season in the AFL, have already beaten the other two AFL teams in the EFL quarterfinals from Tirol and Graz. Nevertheless, Danish Football has shown remarkable progress in recent years, and every game has to be played until a winner may be determined. Nevertheless: The Gold Diggers just lost a national game against rival Copenhagen, and the Vikings most certainly will be stronger than all opponents Sölleröd had to face up to now.

This gives the Vikings an opportunity to continue a unique series: Since 2001 and thus twelve years in a row the Vikings reched the EFL semifinals.This again would also be a ticket into the quarterfinals of 2014 - in the EFL, the semi-finalists are qualified for the quarterfinals of the next season. So there is twice as much at stake as in usual games. The Eurobowl winner of 2010, the Berlin Adler, up to now made good usage of that rule, as they defended Their quarterfinal qualification annually, while they did not manage to win another titel in Germany. On the other side each reigning German champion did not manage to fight its way to the semifinals. Last year the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns lost at Vienna, this year will be hardly easier for them when they visit the Calanda Broncos. The Broncos once again won all previous games in the Swiss league quite easily. They are undefeated in national league play for about half a decade and in 46 games. Although their quarter-final opponents Unicorns in 2011 won the German championship with a perfect season and repeated the championship in 2012, they have lost their opening matches for the GFL season in 2012 and again this year. Still the Unicorns showed much of an improvement in their last two games and have big plans for their trip to Chur.

The Berlin Adler started into the season with three defeats. Their opponents from Graz before the turn of the millennium were Vienna’s big rival in Austria, meanwhile they stand back a little behind the Vikings and the Swarco Raiders from Tyrol. Their trip to Berlin may be a good chance to earn some merits for Austria and it could help that quarterback Alex Good last year played for Berlin. The third Austrian team in the quarterfinals are the Tirol Raiders. Early in the season they were shocked at home by Vienna and lost 13-48. But in the meantime the Eurobowl champion of 2008, 2009 and 2011 seems to be back on track. But they better be careful: Their Opponent Helsinki Roosters started off the Finnish season against last year’s opponents in the national final Helsinki Wolverines with a convincing 48-10 and should be expected to already be in good shape when they head to the Tivoli in Innsbruck.

The semi-finals of the EFL are set for June 15/16, final for the Eurobowl trophy will be played on July 6 or 7.

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