Decision on EFL Players of Calanda

Category: EFL - published 2012-05-31 by EFAF

EFAF, May 26th 2012

Fine and Decision about eligibility of players Maier Pascal Lamprecht David Canetti James Muggwlyer Tino Becker Stefan Steffani Christian Zernicke Robert


Calanda Broncos

1.) Euro: 400,-
2.) Mr. Maier Pascal, Lamprecht David, Canetti James,
Muggwlyer Tino, Becker Stefan, Steffani Christian,
Zernicke Robert are (further) eligible to play for
Calanda Broncos in EFL season 2012.

At first EFAF TD points out that this decision is based on the explanations of the Rules and Regulations Committee refering ITC and § 7 in this matter. On this basis please read my following decision.

The questions we have to deal with are based in the following rule.

§ 7 Regulations for Club-Teams and Club-Team Competitions says:

"Only those players who are eligible to play for their club’s (senior-) team and registered as a licensed player in the (senior-) team are eligible. The teams have to prove that each player is registered and licensed by their national federation/association. A player registered for the teams 60-man roster will loose his eligibility for the Eurobowl tournament in the year of that competition, if transferring or playing for any other team under the EFAF member federations after the march 31st roster-deadline. Exceptions to the above provisions may be granted if a former team player has been playing for another team in other competitions than an EFAF competition and is registered and licensed in his original team who is competing in the tournament. Application for an exception in the above-mentioned case shall be forwarded to the EFAF office at the latest one month before the game. The decision made by EFAF is final and no appeals may be lodged against such decision.

Violation of this regulation can lead to the teams or players disqualification and/or of a fine of no more than € 2.500,00."

This rule is existing for several years without changes and presented to all clubs participating as well as on EFAF website "".

With the above mentioned regulations, a player will loose his eligibility for EFL, if transferring or playing for any other team under EFAF member member federation after roster deadline.

In cases where players are registered and licensed by their national federation and have not trasferred or played for any other team under EFAF member federation after the roster deadline, the players have do not loose their eligibility even if there are questions regarding the validity of their original transfer to the team in question.

In cases where an ITC process has been started in due time, but not finished for a reason or another, it needs to be further investigated per case, to determine, whether there are infractions to the ITC procedure or not, which party is liable for it and what effect this haves.

As per regulations the Committee recommends that EFAF follows the §7 of EFL regulations on eligibility which states that violation of this regulation can lead to the teams or players disqualification and/or of a fine of no more than € 2.500,00 in all cases where the ITC procedure was not done properly.

The EFAF TD is responsible for EFAF clubteam competitions only, not for ITC or other belongings. So it is on the EFAF TD to decide about Calanda Broncos and the players possibility to play for the club in 2012.

All seven players mentioned above have had licenses of the AFBÖ for the 2011 season. 4 players did play in Austria last season for Innsbruck (Maier, Becker, Zernicke) and for Danube(Canetti). 3 further player played for Cineplexx Hohenems (Lamprecht, Muggwyler, Steffani), playing last season in the first division in Switzerland. The 3 Hohenems player did have also swiss licenses in 2011.
From the Swiss Federation all 7 player were granted swiss lisences for Calanda Broncos on 22nd and 23rd of March, 2012 for the 2012 season. All players named above have been included on the roster of Calanda Broncos which was sent in before deadlines to EFAF.

Calanda Broncos started the ITC process for the seven players in March, before March 31st. The ITC process was finished after the games in EFL 2012 against Helsinki Wolverines were played on April 21st and May 5th 2012. All seven players received the ITC for Calanda Broncos. They play for this team till today.

According to "in dubio pro reo" there are biggest questions for EFAF TD whether the 3 former Hohenems players Lamprecht, Muggwyler, Steffani did need an ITC at all. They have had a Swiss license in 2011 alreday and have one in 2012 too. That they have also had an Austrian license in 2011 is another point. Hohenems played in the Swiss league in 2011 with the ok of the Austrian Federation. Therefore Swiss licenses were necessary. But is this a case for ITC when you have the season before two different licenses from two different federations and the year after only one of one of the two federations? As far as EFAF TD knows a case like this was not decided by EFAF before. EFAF TD tends to say that an ITC is not necessary. But that should be decided by the ITC responsibles of EFAF for the future because cases like this could happen again.
But for the decision here in this matter in dubio the 3 don´t need an ITC. That they have asked for an ITC, even if this would have been not necessary, does not matter.

But even if the 3 would have needed ITC´s like the other four all 7 players are eligible for Calanda Broncos.

The ITC process has been started in due time. Finally all 7 players received the ITC. They all have Swiss licenses. The EFL roster was presented according to the rules the 7 players included.

The only fault is a formal one. The mistake was that the ITC process was started but not finished when Calanda Broncos played Helsinki Woverines.
This is in my opinion a minor mistake of the club. Moreover others were participating in the process too, but it is not on me to decide about who else did make perhaps mistakes too.

According to § 7 there is disqualification possible or a fine of not more than 2.500,- Euro.

Calanda Broncos have to pay a fine of 400 € to EFAF based on § 7 Regulations mentioned above.

Due to the fact that Calanda Broncos were following the rules in the past and this is the first ever case, the fine has to be at the very lowest end of the possible frame for the fines, which is done by deciding only for 400 € fine.
On the other hand it was not only one ITC process but 4 (or 7, the former Hohenems player included).

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