EFAF Decision on Mr. Gavin Romanick (Graz Giants)

Category: EFL - published 2012-05-26 by EFAF

EFAF, May 25th 2012

Fine and Exception to §7


JCL Graz Giants

1.) Euro: 250,-
2.) Mr. Gavin Romanick is eligible to play for JCL Graz Giants in EFL season 2012 according to § 7.

Summary of the decision.

The decision is based on the following rule.

§ 7 Regulations for Club-Teams and Club-Team Competitions says:

"Only those players who are eligible to play for their club’s (senior-) team and registered as a licensed player in the (senior-) team are eligible. The teams have to prove that each player is registered and licensed by their national federation/association. A player registered for the teams 60-man roster will loose his eligibility for the Eurobowl tournament in the year of that competition, if transferring or playing for any other team under the EFAF member federations after the march 31st roster-deadline. Exceptions to the above provisions may be granted if a former team player has been playing for another team in other competitions than an EFAF competition and is registered and licensed in his original team who is competing in the tournament. Application for an exception in the above-mentioned case shall be forwarded to the EFAF office at the latest one month before the game. The decision made by EFAF is final and no appeals may be lodged against such decision.

Violation of this regulation can lead to the teams or players disqualification and/or of a fine of no more than € 2.500,00."

This rule is existing for several years without changes and presented to all clubs participating as well as on EFAF website "www.eurobowl.info".

The player Gavin Romanick played in 2011 for JCL Graz Giants in Austria and in EFL. In 2012 he was nominated by the club again for participation on EFL 2012 and sanctioned by AFBÖ including license putten on the 60-men roster for JCL Graz Giants.

As it is now definate he played in the meantime in 2012 in Italy for Bologna Doves in 2012. He stopped playing for Doves now and wants to play for JCL Graz Giants now in the further season 2012. There is no ITC for the player for this change.

Bologna Doves never asked the Austrian Federation or the club or the Italian Federation for ITC, because as they said they were not aware of this duty. So Gavin Romanick played between 2011 and today in Italy without the necessary ITC.

1.) JCL Graz Giants has to pay a fine of 250 € to EFAF based on § 7 Regulations mentioned above. The club did not know from the decision to play for Bologna and was not involved in the negotiations between player and club.

But Graz did not fulfill the duty, that the teams have to prove that each player is registered and licensed by their national federation/association. And only for this federation.

Graz never presented or mentioned in this matter, that the club has checked before the roster presentation to EFAF end of March, that the player Gavon Romanick was contacted and he was asked or checked whether he plays for another club in Europe, especially facing the Italian League starting very early every year. This could have prevented all from dealing this matter now, if the player was checked early enough by his team and checked about his future plans for the upcoming season.
At least in case of the handfull of American player, who use to change clubs sometimes year by year, this is a possible demand for every team to check, whether the US-player really continues to play for this (old) team of the previous season.

According to § 7 there is disqualification possible or a fine of not more than 2.500,- Euro.

Due to the fact that JCL Graz Giants always were following the rules in the past and this is the first ever case, the fine has to be at the very lowest end of the possible frame for the fines, which is done by deciding only for 250 € fine.
Moreover it can´t be, that by not doing the ITC´s it is cheaper than if it would have done the right way according to the rules.

2.) Nethertheless the player Gavin Romanick is allowed to play for JCL Graz Giants in EFL 2012 season. His case is an exception case to § 7 of the regulations mentioned before.

The player did play for JCL Graz Giants before in 2011. He did not leave his team and wanted to play again in 2012 obviously.

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