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Beach Football: AFVD Presidium is welcoming IFAF decision

published 2016-12-18

First World Championships 2017 in Costa Rica The AFVD Presidium is welcoming the decision of IFAF to establish the new football sport Beach Football.

With the introduction of this new football sport IFAF potentially found the key for the Olympic Games, as well as for the further worldwide expansion of the football sport. read more

Annual General Meeting GFL International in Paris March 19, 2016

published 2016-04-11

The presidents of the national federations David Richelle (Belgium), Robert Huber (Germany), Michel Daum (France), Michael Smith (Ireland), Marc Watry (Luxemburg), Gian Zandoná (Netherlands) and Enrique Garcia de Castro (Spain) met on March 19, 2016 for the general meeting of the GFL International in Paris. read more

Jahrestreffen GFL International vom 19.03.2016

published 2016-04-11

Die Nationalverbands-Präsidenten David Richelle (Belgien), Robert Huber (Deutschland), Michel Daum (Frankreich), Michael Smith (Irland), Marc Watry (Luxemburg), Gian Zandoná (Niederlande) und Enrique Garcia de Castro (Spanien) trafen sich am 19.03.2016 zum General Meeting der GFL International in Paris. read more

Robert Huber re-elected as AFVD President for four years

published 2016-03-05

The General Assembly of AFVD (German American Football Association) re-elected on March 5, 2016 Robert Huber (46 years/ Obertshausen/ Lawyer) unanimously as AFVD President for a new four year term. read more

Statement of AFVD Presidium regarding the IFAF Congress July 17, 2015

published 2015-07-30

The part of USA Football Inc. within the international association

At this year's congress a landmark decision was taken regarding the part USA Football Inc. plays within the IFAF. The main issue concerned the question whether USA Football Inc. read more

Dutch American Football Championships 2015

published 2015-07-09

Amsterdam Crusaders finally break the jinx If the third time is the charm, then the fourth time must be very lucky
indeed. read more

New Yorker German Bowl XXXVI live auf Eurosport und Eurosport 2

published 2014-10-08

Der New Yorker German Bowl XXXV – das 36. Deutsche Endspiel American Football – wird am 11. Oktober 2014 ab 18.00 Uhr live auf Eurosport und Eurosport 2 übertragen.

Damit können alle American Football Fans das Endspiel der German Football League live und in voller Länge im freiempfangbaren, deutschsprachigen Eurosport-Sender miterleben. read more

New Yorker German Bowl XXXVI on October 11, 2014 live on Eurosport and Eurosport

published 2014-10-08

The New Yorker German Bowl XXXVI - the 36th German Final Game - will be broadcasted live at 18.00 h on Eurosport (German chanel) and Eurosport 2 on international Signal. read more

HUDL Tour stops at German Bowl

published 2013-09-12

Tipps and Tricks from the fampus Scouting Software The Software house which produces the famous scouting and coaches planning software HUDL will present its software on October 12, 2013 as part of the official German Bowl event program.


Holiday Inn Berlin-Mitte
Hochstraße 2-3
13357 Berlin

Registration: convention@afvd. read more

Gathering Bowl coming to Tallaght Stadium August 2013

published 2013-08-18

The Gathering Bowl 2013 was launched by South Dublin Deputy Mayor Cllr Mick Duff with Jason Sherlock on Thursday the 15th of August at Tallaght Stadium. read more

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