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Big6 EFL teams named for 2017

published 2017-02-01

The European top teams in American football to compete in the Big6 European Football League 2017 and determine the continent’s top club team in the Eurobowl final have been named. read more

League Management issues invitations for Big6 and EFL

published 2016-11-15

The League Management of the Big6 European Football League issued – after having review all applications - invitations to Amsterdam Crusaders, Berlin, New Yorker Lions (Braunschweig), Carlstad Crusaders, Frankfurt Universe and Milano Seamen. Most teams already accepted the invitations. read more

Boom of Club Competitions in Europe

published 2016-11-02

Within the registration deadline October 31, 2016 an overall number of 22 teams from 13 countries have submitted their applications for the European club competitions Big6, EF, CL and Atlantic Cup. read more

Vereinswettbewerbe in Europa boomen

published 2016-11-02

Zum Meldeschluß 31.10.2016 haben bereits 22 Teams aus 13 Nationen für die europäischen Vereinswettbewerbe Big6, EFL, CL und Atlantic Cup ihre Bewerbungen abgegeben. read more

2017 Big6 and EFL Season opens for applications

published 2016-10-20

Interessted teams are invited to apply for the participation in Big6 and/ or EFL. Deadline for applications is October 31st, 2016.

Regulations and entry form here: read more

Eurobowl XXX: New Yorker Lions defend title of the BIG6 -

published 2016-06-12

Braunschweig win with 35:21 at the SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol A great BIG6 season ends with a great final. In Eurobowl XXX the New Yorker Lions defeated the SWARCO Raiders Tirol at the Tivoli Stadium in Innsbruck in front of 4,853 spectators with 35-21 and defended the title.
Both teams showed in the final, why they earned a place in the Eurobowl XXX. read more

Eurobowl XXX: New Yorker Lions verteidigen Titel der BIG6 -

published 2016-06-12

Braunschweiger gewinnen mit 35:21 bei den SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol Eine tolle BIG6-Saison endet mit einem tollen Endspiel. Im Eurobowl XXX bezwangen die New Yorker Lions die SWARCO Raiders Tirol im Innsbrucker Tivoli Stadion vor 4.853 Zuschauern mit 35:21 und verteidigten damit Ihren Titel. read more

EUROBOWL XXX live auf ORF SportPlus und Raiders TV

published 2016-06-10

Der EUROBOWOL XXX - das Europapokalendspiel der Big6 zwischen den SWARCO Raiders (Innsbruck) und den NEW YORKER Lions (Braunschweig) wird am 11. Juni 2016 ab 18.00 Uhr live auf ORF SporPlus im Fernsehen und auf Raiders TV im Internet übertragen. read more

Eurobowl XXX: duel of the giants -

published 2016-06-09

Final of the BIG6 with the best teams in Europe That the two best teams of Europe meet in Eurobowl XXX at the Tivoli stadium on Saturday is unquestionable.
Both the hosts of the SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol and the New Yorker Lions from Braunschweig presented themselves too solid, too dominant and too strong. Not only in the past few weeks, but years. read more

Eurobowl XXX: Duell der Giganten -

published 2016-06-09

Finale der BIG6 mit den besten Mannschaften Europas Dass am Samstag im Innsbrucker Tivoli Stadion die beiden besten Mannschaften Europas im Eurobowl XXX aufeinander treffen, steht außer Frage. read more

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