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Cheerleading World Championships in Takasaki: Japan also outstanding on Sunday

published 2017-11-13

The Cheerleading World Championships are over. For two days, teams from 28 nations fought and danced with expressive and heartfelt action in the Takasaki Arena in Japan with action, charm and great choreography in cheer dancing and cheerleading for medals. read more

Cheerleading World Championships: Host Japan dominates the first day

published 2017-11-12

As expected, Japan left its strongest mark on the first day of the Cheerleading World Cup in its own country. The hosts lead in a total of five competitions in the 13 decisions in Cheer Dance and Cheerleading in Takasaki. read more

Cheerleading World Championships starts Saturday - Dance sport at its finest

published 2017-11-10

Only a few hours later, the 9th Cheerleading World Championships kicks off in Takasaki, Japan.

The Takasaki Arena offers an ideal setting for the participants. The hyper-modern building, which opened just a few months ago, is a perfect place for a World Championships. read more

Cheerleader World Championship: Final day as live stream

published 2017-11-07

Good news for all cheerleaders and their fans worldwide: the World Cup, which will be held in Takasaki, Japan on November 11th and 12th, will be broadcast live on various channels on Sunday.

The competitions in the various classes will be on steam. read more

Cheerleading World Championship in Japan - 28 nations dance for the title

published 2017-11-04

Takasaki, Japan - On 11th and 12th of November the Cheerleading World Championships will take place in Takasaki, Japan. Once again, the best teams and individual performers from around the world compete to become the best of the best on the planet.

The venue is the Takasaki Arena, one of the newest indoor arenas in Japan. read more

BIG6 & EFL 2018 Opening for Entries

published 2017-10-25

The League Management of BIG6 and EFL is publishing the Big6 & EFL Regulations and providing the application forms to clubs being interested to participate in the 2018 season of Big6 and/ or EFL. read more

BIG6 & EFL will open for registration

published 2017-10-16

The League Management of BIG6 and EFL have informed the clubs participating in the 2017 season which are still eligible to play that applications for the 2018 sesons will be accepted shortly with application deadline November 1, 2017. read more

IFAF Europe General Meeting took place September 23, 2017 in Paris

published 2017-09-24

Delegates representing 65 votes meet in Paris on September 23, 2017.

That was the first regular general meeting after the foundation of the Continental Association on 17.09.2016 at the same place as last year. read more

IFAF and IFAF Europe General Meeting in Paris

published 2017-09-22

Paris - This weekend, the IFAF and IFAF Europe General Assembly will take place in the French capital.

The main points on the agenda of the meeting are:

- IFAF Presidium
- IFAF Europe Managing Committee
- IFAF General Meeting
- IFAF Europe General Assembly read more

IFAF Europe Flag Football European Championship: Austria wins both titles

published 2017-09-10

Madrid: Austria won both titles and confirmed the favorites roll at the flag football European Championship.

However, it was very close in both finals. The men finished the last game of the tournament with 20:18 against Italy. read more

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