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Sanctioning of Games and Competitions in Europe

published 2017-02-22

Dear friends in Sport!

The IFAF Europe Managing Committee (MC) had adopted the following motion on February 12, 2017 in Barcelona:

1. Any team and/ or any national federation that participates in an unsanctioned competition may be subject to disciplinary actions.
2. read more

Letter to IFAF Europe Members: General Information about IFAF Europe

published 2017-02-17

February 15, 2017

IFAF Europe Members

General Information about IFAF Europe

Dear friends in Sport!

The IFAF Europe Managing Committee (MC) conducted its first working meeting on February 12, 2017 in Barcelona. We have informed you yesterday about the general results. read more

IFAF Europe CA: Home of European Football

published 2017-02-14

IFAF Continental Association of Europe/ IFAF Europe Managing Committee (MC) met on Feb-ruary 12, 2017 in Barcelona to its first working meeting.

President Enrique Garcia de Castro underlined in his opening speech the importance of unity and standing together for the good of the sport. read more

Big6 EFL teams named for 2017

published 2017-02-01

The European top teams in American football to compete in the Big6 European Football League 2017 and determine the continent’s top club team in the Eurobowl final have been named. read more

Beach Football: AFVD Presidium is welcoming IFAF decision

published 2016-12-18

First World Championships 2017 in Costa Rica The AFVD Presidium is welcoming the decision of IFAF to establish the new football sport Beach Football.

With the introduction of this new football sport IFAF potentially found the key for the Olympic Games, as well as for the further worldwide expansion of the football sport. read more

EJC 2017 tournament lineup is set

published 2016-11-18

The European Junior Championships (EJC) 2017 will be decided in France: The four top junior national Teams in American football from the continent will battle for the title in the final tournament in Paris on July 14 (semifinals) and 16 (medal games). read more

League Management issues invitations for Big6 and EFL

published 2016-11-15

The League Management of the Big6 European Football League issued – after having review all applications - invitations to Amsterdam Crusaders, Berlin, New Yorker Lions (Braunschweig), Carlstad Crusaders, Frankfurt Universe and Milano Seamen. Most teams already accepted the invitations. read more

Boom of Club Competitions in Europe

published 2016-11-02

Within the registration deadline October 31, 2016 an overall number of 22 teams from 13 countries have submitted their applications for the European club competitions Big6, EF, CL and Atlantic Cup. read more

Vereinswettbewerbe in Europa boomen

published 2016-11-02

Zum Meldeschluß 31.10.2016 haben bereits 22 Teams aus 13 Nationen für die europäischen Vereinswettbewerbe Big6, EFL, CL und Atlantic Cup ihre Bewerbungen abgegeben. read more

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