Amsterdam Crusaders win first game in overtime

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Defending champion Kiel subject at home with 24:31

For the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes, it should be the first step towards the title defense in the EFL. But the guests of the Amsterdam Crusaders proved in the end to be too strong and won with 31:24 in the overtime.
In front of a crowd of nearly 3,000 in the Kilia stadium mainly the defending formations dominated the plays. So it was no wonder that the first quarter ended without any points.
Then the Hurricanes got the lead with a touchdown after an interception by Brandon LeBeau. But the visitors hit back quickly and turned the game before the halftime. First Tyron Vrede scored a field goal, then two throws of Hurricanes´ quarterback Logan Schrader were intercepted by Kevin Bourne who carried the ball both times in the end zone. That created a 16-7 halftime lead for the Crusaders.
In the third quarter it was the defense of the Hurricanes, who provided for points, as Falk Horn carried a fumble back for a touchdown.
In the last quarter, it was still the team from Kiel, which dominated the game. After the first offensive touchdown of Xavier Mitchell after a pass by Logan Schrader and a field goal by Florian Dannehl the Hurricanes led with 24-16.
But the Crusaders did not give up and went full risk. First quarterback Allan Bridgford threw a touchdown pass to Jasper Nijland, then he made two more points with a successful pass to Revilinho Graanoogst with the two-point conversion and forced the overtime.
In this then the guests from Amsterdam had the better end. Again playmaker Bridgford threw a touchdown pass, this time to Sean Richards. After that the strong defense prevented more points of the Hurricanes in the next drive, so that the Dutch could win the game after a hard fight.
The success in Kiel gives the Crusaders an excellent starting position for a place in the final of the EFL. The Hurricanes are under pressure now in their next game on 23th of April at the Hamburg Huskies. Only with a win they still have a real chance of a successful title defense.

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