EFAF European Club Team Competitions 2014

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Dear friends in sport!

EFAF Board of Directors has already fixed after consultation with the newly appointed EFAF Club Team Competition Advisory Board the blocked dates for the upcoming 2014 season.

The dates had been communicated in July 2013 on our webpage:

29.07.2013 EFAF
Game Dates Club Competitons 2014


Blocked Game Day for European Club Team Competitions:

April 19/ 20, 2014
May 4/ 5, 2014
May 17/ 18, 2014
June 15/ 15, 2014
July 19/ 20, 2014

EUROBOWL July 19/ 20, 2014
EFAF Cup Final July 26/ 27, 2014

Subject of Change.

Other Competitions:
May 29-June 8, 2014: EFAF European Championships (A-Group)
June 12-July 13, 2014: FIFA World Cup Brazil

Currently EFAF is still working on alterations, improvements and changes of the format, schedule and financial matters.

Due to the fact that EFAF did run EFAF European Junior Championships the EFAF European Championships B-Group and had to prepare the General Assembly the EFAF administration and executives had to work very hard the last weeks.

Now with those work being past EFAF will focus on the preparation of the 2014 club team season. Details to be expected first half of October.

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